The top 3 reasons handcrafted gifts will be on every list this year

While a handmade gift from us offers a heartfelt sentiment like none other, we can combine that feeling with the gift of longevity by working directly with an artisan. Handmade gifts are becoming more popular, and for good reason! Here are the top 3 reasons why people are making the move towards handcrafted gifts this year.

Queue up for quality

The era of mass production is slowing down, as more people focus on sustainable living than ever before. Where even 20 years ago the focus was on fitting in, it has now switched. We value the new, the different. Standing out with a unique accessory or item of clothing is of greater importance than blending with the crowd. Add to this the need for sustainable, long lasting products and people are quite literally queueing up for quality goods.

Handcrafted gifts offer the highest quality possible. Not only are they made by someone you can know and trust, but this person cares about what they are selling. And they should! A flawed item can mean a flawed reputation, and there is no billion dollar warehouse to turn to for another item. As more people value quality and longevity in a gift, wish lists and online shopping carts reflect the trend. Stay ahead of the curve by getting those high quality gifts before they ask.

Take this to heart

Artisans are not simply businesspeople. They are not in the market to make a quick buck from as many people as possible. A true artisan wants every product they make to mean something; both to them and the lucky soul who gets it.

Many artisans are simply forced into the business side of things to keep up their craft. Van Gogh is brought to mind, who would notoriously trade his paintings for a bit of food and more paint, just to keep himself painting. What true artists are really after is improving their work. A hand crafted item tells a tale; it paints a picture of where the maker was in that moment in time. It is a piece of them, wholeheartedly broken off and sculpted for you to enjoy. Romanticized as that concept may be, it is true. Artisans are passionate about what they do, and it shows.

Customization is key

The feeling that a gift was made just for you is incomparable. Simple things like a drawing from a child with our name on it can move us in ways beyond wrapping paper and brand names. This same warm feeling of customization is found in every handcrafted gift you buy. Since you are usually working directly with the person making your gift, there is a certain level of customization that is available in every project. A sign may be repainted their favorite colors, a message etched into the back of their ring, or everything swapped and changed in a commissioned work. The possibilities are endless with handmade gifts!

As good as we are at making macaroni necklaces, it may be best to leave handcrafted gifts to the people who do it for a living. And surprisingly, nearly everything we know and love can be made by hand nowadays! From two-sided beach towels to stunning handcrafted candles, artisan like Martina Klar at flipcard.ch open new realms of possibility in handmade goods.